Challenging believers in Jesus to think and act based on Bible truth.

Monday Challenge 2.5.18 – Mass Black Incarceration, OT Death Penalty, No More Missionaries?

Good morning! Not so good? A little tired? How about a few challenging links...and even one about the Super Bowl! Mass Black Incarceration This article points to a larger conversation regarding race. Do I have it all figured out? Hardly. … [Continue reading]

Tuesday Rambling 1.30.18 – In Christ Alone

Rambling today about my favorite topic: Christ How do you think God brings about forgiveness? How do you think you can get into heaven when you die? Do you acknowledge a separation between man and God? How do propose to heal the … [Continue reading]

Monday Challenge 1.29.18 – 10 Things About Sex, Proudly Pro-Life, Gymnast Confronts Abuser

Monday means challenging articles. Challenging for me, anyhow. Hopefully, challenging for you as well. Enjoy! 10 Things About Sex These points will cultivate your thinking about sex, no matter your relationship status. Question: Do you … [Continue reading]

Tuesday Rambling 1.23.18 – Justice and the Interests of Others

Tuesday Rambling about justice: To truly understand justice, we must see things from perspectives besides our own. These questions will come in the first person. I must include myself in evaluating these things! Why does justice demand the … [Continue reading]

Monday Challenge 1.22.18

Up for a challenge? I hope that's why you clicked here. MLK I know MLK day occurred last Monday. Does that matter?┬áThis article will challenge your thinking on life and mission...and dreaming. Question: What did you think about the quote … [Continue reading]