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Monday Challenge 8.29.16 – Heroin, Celibacy, Wait to Date


Check out these challenging topics. I can’t give you fluff on Monday!


Two articles from the Akron Beacon Journal’s series on heroin, a HUGE problem in our city/region/state. These will not waste your time.

  1. Why everyone should care.
  2. An allure stronger than love.

Question: What do these articles show you about this crisis that you may not have known?


What a great read about our sexuality. Just read it.

Question: How does this article shape your thinking about sex?

Waiting to Date

…until… Well, read the article and find out.

Question: What strengths or shortcomings does this advice have?

A Rational Argument Against Same Sex Marriage

Not a whole lot new here, but a good summary nonetheless.

Question: What two or three rational points could you give in an unexpected conversation on the topic?

Friday Feature 8.26.16 – Christian Colleges and LGBT


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Tuesday Rambling 8.23.16 – Totally Random Rambling

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Monday Challenge 8.22.16 – Generational Divide, Adoption Hurdles, LGBT Approach


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Tuesday Rambling 8.16.16 – How To Express Love


A few thoughts regarding how we can express love in our daily lives: Tell the truth. Do so with love. NOT showing people the truth of God's Word actually prevents them from knowing how to live the fulness of God's desires for us. Say … [Continue reading]

Monday Challenge 8.15.16 – Porn Phenomenon, Unforgiveness, Trans Questions


Happy Monday? Even if not, let the following articles challenge you. Look back at the blog here Friday to see which one gets the most clicks. Porn Phenomenon I have not read the work discussed here, but I benefitted by reading someone else's … [Continue reading]

Tuesday Rambling 8.9.16 – How To Ruin A Community


Could I unintentionally contribute to the ruin of my community? I hope not, but I think the following things should make anyone think about where they live and how they conduct themselves. Time to ramble about how to ruin a community. Talk … [Continue reading]

Monday Challenge 8.8.16 – IS Child Soldiers, Iran Church, Powerful Interview


Another Monday? That means another batch of articles to process. Enjoy. And, be challenged: IS Child Soldiers This describes some gut wrenching realities, so beware. A dose of reality can definitely deepen our understanding. Question: Do … [Continue reading]

Friday Feature 8.5.16 – Yes, Global Warming, But…

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Tuesday Rambling 8.2.16 – Why I Like the Trade Deadline


Rambling - about baseball's trade deadline. Stick with this even if you don't like baseball: Baseball's trade deadline passed Monday at 4:00 p.m. For those not up on their baseball lingo, it means teams can trade players up to that point in … [Continue reading]