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Tuesday Rambling 11.21.17 – Thanksgiving!

  • Does thanksgiving bring opportunity to reflect for you?
  • In all the hate, sin, divisiveness, many of us could feel like “the world is against us”.
  • So does this weekend bring opportunity to slow down a bit, narrowing the focus on good things?
  • Do you have shelter? Food? Any sense of friend or family?
  • Many do not have one of those, some have none. Really.
  • So, despite so many challenges – political division, victims, international tension, personal obstacles – could Thanksgiving still possibly brag up God in all His goodness?
  • Have you overcome? Have you found victory?
  • Is a relationship stronger? A commitment steadier?
  • Has God done things for which you simply could not take credit?
  • Then give thanks. And as Psalm 100 says…”Give thanks TO HIM.”
  • It’s not in all caps in any translation, just here for emphasis.
  • Giving thanks requires an object. You thank a person for a gift. Think object.
  • But while Thanksgiving can include thankfulness to or for people, the Bible points us to the rightful object of praise – God Himself.
  • For me, this time will especially provide reminder of all God HAS done, not a focus on what He hasn’t, or everything else wrong with the world.

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