Challenging believers in Jesus to think and act based on Bible truth.

Tuesday Rambling 1.17.17 – As Inauguration Day Approaches

Rambling concerning believers and the upcoming presidential inauguration:

  • Believers: Please know your overt support for President Trump could harm the possibility of stronger relationships with other believers.
  • Believers: Please know public statements against President Trump could harm the possibility of stronger relationships with other believers.
  • Scripturally, political power is not a key or necessary component for the movement of the kingdom of God. Often, the kingdom advances in spite of political kingdoms who oppose believers.
  • Sometimes, the witness of believers stirs the hearts of political leaders. Sometimes, God hardens the hearts of political believers.
  • Our eyes, hearts, and affections should stay fixed upon Jesus, the Lamb of God, who died in our place. He is the King above all kings.
  • This situation requires a tight rope of balance.
  • We must admit facts, such as: 1) The harsh rhetoric used in his campaign brings fear from those already marginalized that further marginalization could happen 2) The moral character (or lack thereof) of our incoming president should cause believers great concern.
  • Said another way: if we had concern for the moral compass of our outgoing president, we can’t pretend that somehow this one is better simply due to a certain set of campaign promises we might like to hear.
  • To those opposed to President Trump, please know many have tried to live peaceful and quiet lives under President Obama whose social policies directly contradicted the teaching of Scripture in many areas.
  • We also must admit that not all who voted for trump voted in agreement of his character and everything he represents.
  • One of the goals of praying for our leaders, Scripturally, pins our effort in prayer to our desire to live peaceful and quiet lives in godliness and holiness.
  • This little article about praying for leaders may help.
  • Whatever your feelings about this inauguration, please check your emotion, act in love, and consider the perspectives of others.

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