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Tuesday Rambling 10.18.16 – Increasing Discipline



Time to ramble ramble ramble:

  • I feel like I am a fairly disciplined person.
  • Discipline can lead to health or disaster. Rigid, no-heart discipline borders on Pharisee territory: not good.
  • Healthy discipline springs from the power of the Holy Spirit bearing the fruit of self control.
  • Some questions may help evaluate discipline.
  • Could you execute a plan to give, save, and spend an unexpected blessing of a fairly large sum of money?
  • Could you complete a project or class requiring a few extra hours per week?
  • Could you complete a long term goal such as reading through the Bible, running a half marathon, etc.?
  • If the urgent or short term defines what you do each day, how could you take steps to plan for longer term growth or accomplishment?
  • What doesn’t happen so other things do?
  • In some ways, you are disciplined to get things done you want to do. Are they the best things?
  • Spiritually: Do you have regular times of Bible reading and worship? Why or why not?
  • Can you cut something out of your life to replace it with something better?
  • Does your love for God drive you to minimize certain areas so you can excel and grow spiritually?
  • I could always use more discipline regarding prayer and speech. What would you identify as areas God could form in your heart over the long term by increasing self control?

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