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Why you should support First Glance

First Glance is an organization I know and love.  For those who read this blog and are familiar with Kenmore, it’s hard to imagine life without FG.  For those who read from outside Kenmore, First Glance is a vital part of ministry to teens and young adults (with special ministries for young ladies and men in the un-enviable position of unexpected and perhaps unwanted motherhood/fatherhood).  You can read about First Glance here.

First Glance is currently attempting to get 500 people to support them at $28/month for the next three years.  This amount would project to cover the bulk of operating expenses during that time.

Here are five reasons I think you should consider some sort of donation (anything helps and one time donations are accepted as well!).

1. First Glance gets people in contact with the Gospel.

There is no doubting that people hear about Jesus if they come into contact with First Glance.  From Thursday and Friday night rec nights to special programs for girls, guys, moms, skaters, etc, young people who come to FG hear about Jesus.

2. This ministry really does change lives.

There are lots of stories to be told, but the bottom line is that for those seeking it, First Glance can help stabilize people’s lives.  Through faith in Jesus, leaders work with young people to overcome problems, look to the future, find hope, and make a tough road just that much easier.


If you’re not convinced yet, read on for some more compelling reasons…

3. First Glance is there in tragedy.

When a young life is lost, what community wouldn’t want a built in organization to relate to people and help them grieve?  Sadly, this has happened in Kenmore several times and First Glance has helped in ways other organizations couldn’t.  Supporting First Glance helps make this possible for the future.

4. First Glance provides opportunities for employment and internships.

Some people are employed  directly by FG; others have support based internships.  I haven’t heard of anyone who regretted their time in one of these roles.  These are challenging opportunities for personal growth for all who work alongside this ministry.  Supporting First Glance builds directly into the lives of those whose living is connected to this organization (in part or in full).

5. First Glance is trustworthy.

I am old.  I was at the first ever meeting of First Glance (in the fall of 2000).  That was before FG ever became a building and a whole bunch of ministries. But, the best byproduct of being a (nearly) 13 year old organization is that trust is being built in the community.  By showing that it is not a fly-by-night operation, First Glance has opened doors for ministry in many places and in many lives.  Educators, athletics, churches, other local ministries, teens, parents, bars, etc. have all been influenced by the stability of First Glance.  Supporting First Glance enables a wide range of influence.


If finances truly do prohibit you from contributing, then please commit to pray for this organization. Nothing happens without prayer!

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