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Weekend Feature 7.26.14 – Addressing The Thought: I Think I May Be Gay

This week’s readers hit up this article more than any other from Wednesday’s post.

What if someone you know thinks they’re gay? What if you’ve struggled with it yourself?

Don’t look to one article to answer all your questions, but this article definitely says good things. Check it out here:

I Think I May Be Gay

After you’ve read the article, here are a few of my thoughts:

1. I agree with the author – people are asking this question.

Of course with so much emphasis on gay marriage and homosexual equality in general going on in our culture, it’s natural that people with any such feeling of same sex attraction would be asking this question.

2. How are you willing to think?

This is a question you can ask anyone struggling with this question. It’s also a question for someone who’s completely opposed to God. Sometimes there is a willingness. Sometimes there’s not.

Think. How are you willing to think?

Act. Know that the Bible contains great truth about sexuality. It also provides hope for people struggling with sinful sexual lusts and attractions. That hope is Jesus Christ, who died to forgive and promise the hope of eternal life.

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