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Tuesday Rambling 9.8.15 – Prayers For Akron On Election Day


Today is a big primary election in Akron. These primaries and this fall’s general election will determine the leadership of our city for the next four years.

Let me share some ways I’m praying today:

  • I’m praising God for the freedom we have to vote.
  • I also praise God for the expectation that power will change hands in peace following these elections. It’s a stunning aspect of our freedom we should never take for granted.
  • I’m praying for all candidates. Much is at stake personally for the men and women involved in this fall’s elections.
  • I’m praying that the inevitable divisiveness of contested races will heal, bringing more unified support and participation in Akron’s communities and the city as a whole.
  • I’m praying God will help us hope the best no matter the results.
  • I’m praying the results will increase our ability to live godly and peaceful lives. (I Tim. 2:1-2)
  • I’m praying I’ll remember God’s sovereignty and power over all elected officials – everywhere.
  • I pray winning candidates this fall will remember God’s authority and seek Him for great wisdom.
  • I pray believers will continue to have open and healthy communication in local government.

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