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Tuesday Rambling 9.19.17 – Questions for Parents

A few rambling questions for parents:

  • Who is the center of your home? How would you evaluate this?
  • Who should be the center of your home? How would you evaluate this?
  • How will children develop differently having their picture taken hundreds (thousands?) of times more than children in previous generations?
  • Should parents exercise any caution taking and sharing so many pictures of their kids?
  • What commitments and plans do you make as a parent that put your own interests ahead of your kids’?
  • When SHOULD a parent put their interests ahead of their kids?
  • How will our kids see us prioritizing God in our personal time, our homes, our relationships, our service?
  • How will our kids know they are NOT the center of our homes?
  • What activities compete with the spiritual growth of our kids?
  • Do we have any time in our lives scheduled simply for exploration, meandering, or creativity?
  • Do we parents somehow feel superior when our schedule has more in it than others?
  • Do you have a plan for technology in your home? At what ages kids should interact with various technology?
  • If you’re a Christian, how will your parenting and your lives communicate commitment to the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a culture where temptation to “keep up with the Joneses” is greater than ever?

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