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Tuesday Rambling 9.10.13

It’s Tuesday. Let the rambling begin.

Fried Chicken

  • How’s that for a lead? Our car got stranded yesterday in Barberton, supposedly the friend chicken capital of the world.  We used the opportunity to do some grocery shopping and then after Julie left for an appointment with Jocie, I decided to comfort my miserable situation with my new found favorite, a fried chicken dinner.
  • I got a four piece meal from Whitehouse, and it wasn’t my favorite.  Out of all the places I’ve tried, my order so far is: 1) Talamos (Kenmore Blvd) 2) Showcase (16th St. in Kenmore) 3) Regina’s (best Jo-Jo’s on the planet) 4) Golden Corral 5) Whitehouse. After this list I’d put all fast food chicken places, but to be honest I haven’t tried too many yet.

Car Broken Down

  • Talk about ouch.  Ouch! I’m tired of car repair bills. Two repairs in my ignition system in 15 months? At least the guy said that the problem was common.  They ought to have antacid sitting on the counter when you go in to pay your bill and get your key.
  • However, it is cheaper to keep the car and maintain it than it is to get a new one.  The discipline is in saving money to keep the car on the road.  I suppose a massive repair would drain said savings, but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. Hopefully, we don’t!


  • The Browns look like the Browns – too one sided in their play calling, and just not good enough.
  • The Yankees look like the Yankees – ok, but just not good enough to make the playoffs.  The Indians stand a better chance.
  • Ohio State? I won’t know what to think until I see them play someone good.

Being a Pastor

  • I remember something that was said in a class I took once: being in full time ministry is unlike any other job because it connects professional, spiritual, and social all in one position.  Very good wisdom.
  • Additionally, this statement is tough to balance.  I’d say one of the hardest things is the social/spiritual.  Sure everyone needs friends and I have good friends.  But when you have to be the pastor to your friends it’s easy to get those lines blurred.

Have a great Tuesday everyone.  Put your mind to what you’re doing!

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