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Tuesday Rambling 8.8.17 – Growing Spiritually

  • Do you have an adequate definition of spiritual growth?
  • This morning, some questions to evaluate about spiritual growth…
  • How might God want to make you more like Himself?
  • How might God want to bring you in line with what it says in His Word?
  • How much do you love Him?
  • How much do you talk to Him, or listen to Him?
  • What growth in loving others has developed in your life?
  • For what do you wait? How well do you wait?
  • What do you ask God for the strength to endure?
  • Do you wrestle with justice? How do you act in pursuit of it?
  • How much do you trust yourself? How much do you REALLY trust Him?
  • Do you often repent and ask for forgiveness, or do you sometimes take his forgiveness for granted?
  • How might God change your speech and its patterns?
  • This rambling applies to the author as well as the reader.
  • Hopefully this will stir us in our love for God – Father, Son, and Spirit.

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