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Tuesday Rambling 8.25.15 – Planned Parenthood Protest


Today I’ll ramble a bit about Akron’s Planned Parenthood protest from last Saturday.

John Piper had a more extensive collection of thoughts on the Minneapolis gathering. You can read that here.

For now, time to ramble:

  • Participating in this rally stirred my emotions, my soul.
  • I would agree with Dr. Piper’s comments about the somberness of the event. It seemed that way to me in Akron as well.
  • After mentioning this protest in my sermon last Sunday, I had several people tell me they didn’t even know a protest was going on. I won’t speculate as to why people seemed to have little awareness of an event.
  • The protest sent this message: the protest shouldn’t stop with the event. I couldn’t agree more. If you sense outrage at the things Planned Parenthood is shown to be doing via the internet videos, please continue to make people aware of exactly how their tax money gets spent.
  • Let your elected representatives know exactly how you feel about the issue.
  • I agreed with the Beacon Journal’s estimate of about 300 people attending the Akron event.
  • Out of those 300, I noted one (1) African American, a black pastor who spoke as part of the event. It’s possible more attended, but even so the percentage would have been low.
  • African Americans comprise about 13% of the U.S. population, but participate in about 33% of the abortions performed here.
  • I’m not saying you have to go to a protest to be pro-life and other pro-life groups I support network well with the African American community.
  • All this to say my heart breaks for my black brothers and sisters who lose so many valuable lives.
  • The bottom line? Many women, fearful and susceptible, agree to abortion after receiving pressure and hearing tales of “limited” options. Too many of those vulnerable are of African descent.
  • It encouraged my soul to hear prayers for forgiveness, healing, and hope. In a time of moral outrage, we must continue to pray for those who perpetrate.
  • We must also pray that justice will find them should they fail to cease this vicious behavior.
  • Lord Jesus, come soon!

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