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Tuesday Rambling 8.12.14 – Character, Mine and Others’

I read a quote yesterday that stopped me in my tracks and will lead to some rambling.

A famous pastor is involved in a scandal.  Not sexual, this time more character-based instead. In his early years, everyone wrote it off to immaturity but his influence widened. His character flaws never changed and now much has changed.

From Tim Challies, about character:

The Bible says little about skill and less still about results. It heralds character.

  • This has made me think about my private character, and sins which can bud into larger problems.
  • This has made me think about results. The most important results involve my change by grace  through faith in Christ.
  • I remember listening to my Theology of Ministry lectures. The first thing the professor emphasized, out of many cassette tapes (what are those?) worth of lectures: your ministry will be judged success or failure by the development of your personal relationships with Christ. Or, something to that effect.
  • No matter the specific wording, what a huge concept.
  • Shouldn’t this give us pause when discerning leadership?
  • Shouldn’t this give us pause for how we encourage leaders to grow?
  • Shouldn’t we return to the lists in 1 and 2 Timothy and Titus again and again and again?
  • Results can mask character flaws, even significant sins.
  • The Biblical message is that character development is most important to leadership. Wow.

If this takes back a bit, let it challenge you. Get into the relevant passages. If you lead, seek the Lord for change. If you work with leaders, pray for them and encourage them!

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