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Tuesday Rambling 7.23.13

Scattered thoughts, loosely organized.


  • If you’re a conservative Christian and conservative voter, which provides the greater thrill: salvation of souls, or Hobby Lobby’s win against the mandate?
  • Does making disciples enter your day to day life? If so, what intentional steps do you take to encourage others to come to Christ or grow in Him?
  • Is spiritual growth a difficult thing for you to get excited about? Remember the joy of your salvation in Christ, the fruit of His work in your life.


  • I heard KFC is dropping the colonel from its advertising and branding.  Sounds goofy to me.  KFC without the old guy’s picture would be like Wendy’s without Wendy.
  • I put in a LOT of work on some regular maintenance on my van last week and saved $90 off a quoted price.  I know, I could have saved more if I did it myself, but I don’t have the time for that!


  • This summer is going by at a decent pace.  It’s been very enjoyable on a number of levels.
  • How often do you pray for your children? I’m sure I mention this from time to time here, but I just can’t express the trust I feel when I ask God over and over again to make the most of their lives. Really, it isn’t about me.


  • I will remember VBS 2013 for a long time.  I was really, really proud of our church and its willingness to reach out to some amazing kids and their families during the week of VBS.


  • I am preparing for October baseball – without the Yankees.  It’s going to take a huge turnaround, and I just don’t see that happening.
  • Ohio State kicking someone off their football team because of involvement with legal trouble? Tressel never did that. Did he?

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