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Tuesday Rambling 6.6.16 – What Is An Idol?


God opposes idols. A bit of rambling about how to identify them.

  • These thoughts stem from thoughts about what idol worship did for people in the Bible.
  • Exodus 20 contains the Ten Commandments. Right after reminding the Israelites He is the God who freed them, he demands their first affection and forbids them making idols.
  • An idol grabs affections that belong to God.
  • In the context of Exodus 20:2-4, idols would diminish or deny the glory and grace of God.
  • An idol offers false comfort only God can bring.
  • An idol is often worshiped fitting in with others.
  • We can craft idols with our hands, worshiping our work rather than the one who gave us creative abilities in the first place.
  • Idols can be people or animals, trusting in them to take the place of God the Creator.
  • Biblically, worship of idols led to sexually immoral practices.
  • Taking a stand against an idol can take courage and lead to significant backlash.
  • Challenge: What idols compete for your allegiance to Jesus?

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