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Tuesday Rambling 6.21.16 – Why Is This Such A Big Deal?


Good morning. Time to ramble.

  • So the Cavs won it. Big deal, right?
  • Yes it’s a big deal! But….why?
  • One reason is unity – it’s great to feel a part of something.
  • I’d argue this championship brings the Northeast Ohio region together and boosts the spirits of many. Nothing wrong with that on a purely civic level.
  • LeBron’s hometown drive. LeBron has always stayed active in Akron. He really wanted this for the local fans in the NEO area. The local fans appreciate that.
  • The redemption/return story looms huge.  People identify with redemption. LeBron has redeemed himself and redeemed the harsh wait of the fans, no doubt.
  • History – the way this happened truly amazes so many who follow sports.
  • Golden State choked. People identify with seeing the insurmountable foe fail.
  • Father’s Day. Men like sports. This happened on Father’s Day, making it extra special for many men and their sons who enjoy and make memories around the pastime of sports.
  • Because it’s an idol and people find their identity too much in sports, sports figures, and “their team”? Well…possibly?

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