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Tuesday Rambling 6.13.17 – The NBA Finals

Yes, I realize the NBA finals has little to do with faith, but I’ll take a slight detour today to express a few opinions. I will say that if your emotional engagement in today is affected because your team lost, do a heart check. At the very least you’ll have to think for yourself regarding some of my opinions (which are just that – my opinions). Time to ramble about the Finals:

  • Golden State won under the rules set up by the NBA. I don’t think they did anything particularly unfair. Congrats to them. No doubt they fielded the better team.
  • That said, what captivates you about the story?
  • Not much? For me, Durant getting his first ring and MVP brings a little draw.
  • Also, the talk of the Warriors having too many good players adds intrigue.
  • Those in sports commentary judge players by how many rings they have. How could you fault KD for joining the Warriors trying to get one?
  • That said, they should have won. Anyone wanting to trash Cleveland has very little basis for their argument.
  • Fact: Cleveland got very good performances from some of its players and just couldn’t overcome Golden State. They really need another superstar to make it competitive.
  • I simply prefer a more contested Championship as I think intrigue, opposition, protagonist/antagonists make for a more interesting story line.
  • A few statements about the NBA will at least make me feel better, as this is the last I’ll interact with the NBA likely until next year’s playoffs.
  • I really really don’t like watching this product or brand of basketball. It IS a quantifiably different and substandard game compared to some of the greats of eras gone by.
  • Don’t believe me? Hop on YouTube and watch some basketball when Jordan’s Bulls played, or when the Celtics played the Lakers.
  • The game now at times resembles football with all the pushing and shoving.
  • The level of unprofessionalism (from ALL players) really does take away from the product for me.
  • Stay with me. My favorite sport is baseball. The way NBA players complain and whine about officiating is the exception in MLB (and often comes with ejections).
  • MLB players know complaining comes with consequence (consistent complaining in baseball hurts you and your team) and takes away from the game.
  • The NBA should spend some of its summer watching true professionals in baseball.
  • Further, the officiating has ruined the credibility of the NBA in ways the officiating continues to strike at the credibility of the NFL.
  • The inconsistency of calls in game and from game to game make the product less than credible.
  • Okay, I’m done. Enjoy the championships, Golden State. Yes, you’ve earned them.
  • And your team will draw plenty of jersey sales that come from front running fans.
  • But your act will truly captivate few outside of California due to the lack of true challenge involved in the way you’ve gone about it!

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