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Tuesday Rambling 6.10.14 – Dealing With Change, 2014 America Is Different

Struggling through life changes? So am I. Reflecting on 15 years of marriage this Thursday is doing that to me. So, here’s some rambling through it. Enjoy!

Dealing With Change

  • The way I understand life is that change is at the core of it. It’s NOT something to be avoided, or even pushed to the edges. Rather, we should embrace it.
  • God called people and he MOVED them. That required change.
  • From Egypt to Canaan. From darkness to light. From Jerusalem to the ends of the earth. You get the idea.
  • Through seasons of life and aging, as well as various seasons of relationships: change is always there!
  • Struggling with changes? Me too! But I’m thrilled about it because it’s God’s design.

2104 Is Different

  • A number of people across varying generations have told me they think it’s different to be living in these cultural times. I agree.
  • The #1 thing I’d point to is the pace. There is so much going on and seemingly more to do.
  • Part of this is the way we communicate. Being able to communicate faster has not made for less communication (at least I’d say that personally). It’s actually made for MORE. Think on that and tell me if you’d agree.
  • Also, in the American culture, dynamics are very different, even from when I started ministry 14 years ago.
  • Two cultural differences I’d note: much slower maturity and much less value on human life.
  • What would you add to differences? Some who have been alive longer may have ones who stick out to them more.

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