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Tuesday Rambling 5.5.15 – Overcoming the Past


I know I wrote about this series at our church a couple weeks ago. Now that the series is over, I wanted to ramble a bit more. Be encouraged. Our third session on this topic was “Replace It”, in which our guest Pastor Bob Combs showed some practical steps people can take to overcome the pain of the past. Through Christ, the past can be overcome. 

  • Pastor Bob challenged us to debunk the lie that everyone will accept us or agree with us all the time (even Christians). This can help develop healthy self esteem moving forward.
  • An emphasis was placed on forgiveness. Forgiveness is independent of the one being forgiven. Forgiveness is most helpful for the forgiver.
  • Bob also talked about the need for teamwork. No one moves forward (or really becomes much of anything) by themselves.
  • I really couldn’t agree more with that statement. We must take steps to connect ourselves with others in meaningful ways.
  • This can happen in large group interactions (churches). Being known and committed in larger scope brings about health for us and others.
  • We can’t escape the need for more personal accountability either. Bob encouraged the presence of an accountability partner. Having someone we can tell anything, especially sins, removes the possibility of leaving the past on our own strength.
  • Is leaving the past about what we can do or what God can do?
  • To me the best picture is the Exodus. Did the people want out? Did they want to put Egypt in their past? Of course they did, but putting their past behind them depended entirely upon God.
  • The same should ring true for us. The only we truly move forward? By the power of God.

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