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Tuesday Rambling 5.24.16 – Public Schools and Religious Music


Tuesday means rambling:

  • As the school year draws to a close, the season brings year end concerts.
  • Over the course of five days about a week ago I witnessed two such concerts.
  • Both programs featured religious music.
  • The “religious” category didn’t mean exclusively Christian.
  • The point: A variety of religious views and expression presented as part of public school education.
  • My take: Exactly the way it should be.
  • A well rounded education should include broad understanding and exposure. I applaud the directors for their inclusion of music reflecting worldviews.
  • To my knowledge, our daughter’s seventh grade curriculum included a summary of many different “major” worldviews.
  • Our culture at large should take such a view. Facebook fights accusations of limiting exposure to the conservative. Academia fights accusations of squelching conservative (and at times specifically Evangelical Christian) viewpoints.
  • Of course I understand the “Christian” worldview as correct. In that sense, truth needs no defense.
  • Compare it to others, see others’ expressions.
  • Critical thinking involves analyzing evidence, facts, and drawing conclusions. Other areas of academic study demand critical thinking. Why shouldn’t matters of faith?
  • Music presents a non-threatening way for this exposure. By its nature, art is not objective and many enjoy different varieties.
  • Just as music can open a window to the soul, so should other academic pursuit.

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