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Tuesday Rambling 5.2.17 – Random Questions

A bunch of rambling questions today:

  • Sometimes I ask a lot of questions. Sometimes they lead somewhere, sometimes they don’t.
  • Anyway, here goes:
  • What will we regret in 10 or 20 years as parents whose families have so much technology available?
  • Why do kids sports take up so much more time than in the past?
  • How many people in middle age consider what life will be like in older age, and what they want to accomplish in older age?
  • How many older people consider the legacy will leave? (Note: you WILL leave some sort of legacy)
  • What false gods compete for my worship of the true God?
  • Why is sin such an avoidable topic in our greater culture?
  • Why do believers struggle so much to let someone know their real struggles?
  • What will God really say to me when I enter eternity?
  • What questions do you ask? Which of these presents the biggest challenge for you?

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