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Tuesday Rambling 4.7.15 – Things I Pray for Repeatedly


Certainly, we all have pointed prayers based on specific, temporary needs.

Then, some prayers happen over and over again. Repeatedly, I pray for:

  • Spiritual awakening.
  • Salvation for the lost.
  • Children and teens who need Jesus.
  • Those suffering. Hurt is real, all the time. I pray for those suffering grief, loss, past trauma, etc.
  • The persecuted church. Believers all over the world face very real threats to freedom and personal safety simply because they proclaim Jesus as Lord.
  • The end of Summit County’s heroin/drug epidemic. My heart aches for people who have suffered loss due to drug use.
  • Our church’s shut-ins and elderly. It’s one thing to speak of “elderly” as a category. It’s another thing to know real faces and names, seeking understanding for this difficult and unique phase of life.
  • The Church’s unity and strengthening.
  • Encouragement to come for believers struggling in ministry and calling.
  • The strengthening of the family.

Just because it’s not on here doesn’t mean I don’t pray for it or I don’t care. I put this down simply to post some things that repeatedly burden my heart. What makes your list?

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