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Tuesday Rambling 4.3.17 – Is It Possible For Me To Love You?

April won’t prevent a little rambling.

Is it possible for me to love you if…

  • you voted for Trump and I didn’t?
  • you voted for Hillary and I didn’t?
  • you disagree with me theologically?
  • you don’t believe what I believe?
  • you live a lifestyle I totally disagree with?
  • you have fallen away from your faith?
  • you no longer attend our church?
  • you have a different background than I do?
  • you struggle or have committed a sin I haven’t?
  • Our culture might say these situations prevent me from loving you.
  • But who has obligated me to erect walls of hate?
  • The love of Jesus possesses a consistent, patient nature.
  • I’m always hopeful that love will win in any relationship, strained or not.
  • Yes, in any of the situations above I could eat a meal with you and listen to your interests and find out how I can pray for your concerns. Would you do the same for me?
  • Don’t believe the lie that you must hate or shout at anyone “on the other side”.
  • All that does is generate ratings and social media traffic.
  • Instead, how about we live like this:
  • Romans 12:18:  If possible, so far as it depends on you, live peaceably with all.


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