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Tuesday Rambling 4.28.15 – Why Heroin Unites Us


Over a 24 hour period between Sunday and Monday, I received word that drugs had claimed two more lives of people I knew. One was a former student at First Glance. Another was a mother of three in our neighborhood.

So I can’t help but think about drugs. Lots of people are thinking about drugs.

The Beacon Journal ran an article recently about the problem and what can/should be done. Heroin is a nasty drug that is killing people. It is on the collective conscience of people in our specific region, across Ohio, and in other places as well.

Why is this? With no additional commentary, I’d like to think out loud about why this problem is uniting people against it. I may be right, wrong, or somewhere in between. But, I hope these stir your thinking.

  • Heroin is a sin problem that is bigger than society’s ability to “fix” or “categorize” it.
  • You can’t move away from it into a better neighborhood and its effects are not limited to “certain types of people”.
  • People unite against heroin because human life matters to them; heroin has progressed to the point of noticeably costing human life.
  • This loss of life is relatively new and the cause hasn’t had a chance to go stale in our fickle human hearts yet.
  • Humans have an inward awareness of right and wrong.
  • It is more acceptable to speak about issues of right and wrong when you’re in the majority.

What else would you add to the list? Why does this problem unite people against it when other sins and societal ills fail to have this much vocal opposition?

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