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Tuesday Rambling 4.14.15 – 8 Truly Random Thoughts


It’s Tuesday. That means it’s time to ramble. No main topic today, just eight truly random thoughts.

  1. It’s amazing to me that anyone thinks persecution is the way to wipe out Christians.
  2. I’m glad it’s baseball season, but I have to be careful with my time.  I heard a friend make a distinction between following sports events and the conversation about sports.
  3. The real time drain for many sports fans (this also rings true for other interests) lies in the conversation, articles, speculation, media talk, etc.
  4. Preaching a sermon is not like giving a college lecture. You could preach a sermon on the same passage in two consecutive months and perhaps have an entirely different approach as well as varying application points.
  5. Tuesday is one of my favorite days of the week. It is usually a planning and productivity day.
  6. It is virtually impossible to make improvement in area of your life without intentionality. Growth doesn’t just happen!
  7. I’m excited to run a race Saturday. Not sure the weather looks the best right now, but I’m anxious to see what my body is capable of doing for a half marathon.
  8. My wife Julie started working Tuesdays several weeks ago. I’m still not used to it. Schedule adjustments can take time!



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