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Tuesday Rambling 3.8.16 – Politics and Divisiveness


Tired of politics already? I’m not tired, but I do have some serious concerns. Time to ramble:

  • I realize a handful of statements from a guy who writes a blog with a handful of readers won’t make a huge difference.
  • But I can ask you to think. Think about your approach to politics.
  • I believe divisiveness in politics is not only ruining our country but splintering our local communities.
  • So ask yourself today: what is my role in this?
  • A question: Can you talk respectfully to supporters of candidates you don’t support?
  • Another question: Can you talk respectfully about another candidate?
  • Will politics affect your relationships with people?
  • After the election ends, you will still live next to people who voted for other candidates.
  • Will you join in the neighborhood watch? Stand together at the parade? Enjoy a cookout together?
  • Or will your words and behavior rob you of opportunities to love your neighbor?
  • I refuse to let someone’s view of politics affect or ruin a close relationship. Do you?
  • Final thought: the result of this election won’t surprise God. Maybe that thought will develop into a longer post in the future.


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