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Tuesday Rambling 3.7.17 – About Right and Wrong

Tuesday mean time for rambling.

  • Will you teach your children right and wrong?
  • Why? And how will you determine the standards?
  • When it comes to harming someone, do you believe in a boundary? What words are hurtful? What actions?
  • When it comes to personal character, should you cheat? Why or why not?
  • Does it matter if you say things that lack truth? Or blur the lines?
  • Regarding sex, do any boundaries on our behavior exist? Can we absolutely do anything we want with our bodies no matter the ramifications for others or for society? If no, where do you draw the line and why?
  • The bottom line: we all believe in right and wrong. No, the neighbor shouldn’t have loud bumping parties every night. No, we don’t think the neighbor should be able to steal our tools from our shed. Nor do we think a neighbor should be able to kill our pet without any recourse.
  • I’m challenging you to think about why you have morals or why it would concern you to teach them.
  • I believe the structure for right and wrong comes from the fact we have a God who actually created the world and entire universe in which we reside.
  • Simply, having a creator means someone is qualified to govern the creation. Someone outside the creation (God) governs what goes on in the creation.
  • Yes, that’s why we believe right and wrong. And if you don’t believe in an absolute right and wrong, you must admit you believe in some right and wrong and you have to have an explanation for why.
  • Finally, if God governs the creation, then He certainly has the qualifications to govern heaven, hell, and who gets there. He governs our souls, and while he does so with justice, what we also know is that He is a God of great love.
  • He sent his Son Jesus Christ to die for our sins. Only a God outside the world can come into the world as a human and stay perfect. That’s our hope. I urge you to trust in what His death and resurrection accomplished. He stayed morally pure so we can have the hope of victory over all our wrongs. He rose from the dead to prove He has power over death and the world!

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