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Tuesday Rambling 3.3.15 – About Church Leadership


Don’t come here looking for all the dirt and scum related to church leadership. You won’t find it.

For Tuesday rambling, let me string together a few thoughts about a topic very important to me.

  • I think the Bible is clear that every believer needs the leadership of the local church.
  • Even local church leaders need the leadership of the local church.
  • Leadership teams are the only way to accomplish leaders leading other leaders.
  • A model where one person is at the top by its nature prevents that person from being led. This is faulty and unbiblical.
  • Team models sharpen thinking and increase perspective.
  • Team models teach patience.
  • Team models build trust among leaders who have more influence than others.
  • Team models allow for important and needed feedback which proves necessary for sustained growth and improvement.
  • Church leadership is a joy. Burdensome? Yes, but joyful above anything else.
  • Church leadership is about pointing people to God.
  • Church leadership is about loving and leading people in the collective use of time and energy as you seek God together.
  • What faulty views of church leadership do you hold?


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