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Tuesday Rambling 3.24.15 – Why and How Do You Listen?


Tuesday – Time to ramble. This week I’ll focus on a quote I heard recently. Here we go:

  • Heard this recently: Do you listen to understand or do you listen to respond?
  • I wish I had this perfect! Obviously, it is better to listen with an ear to understand, rather than to respond.
  • I struggle most with listening due to the amount of conversations I have in any given week.
  • It’s hard to stay focused, especially in shorter conversations.
  • I have been in meetings and situations where hours have been wasted due to the lack of effective listening.
  • If you listen to respond the conversation is about you. Sounds similar to what happens in the typical internet comment section debate.
  • If you listen to understand you open up the possibility of effective communication.
  • No one will walk away from a conversation with us feeling heard until we do our best to listen.
  • How? How do I listen to understand? How does someone know I’m doing that?
  • Ask questions. If you can’t relate to what someone’s saying, ask them to describe.
  • Show someone you’re interested. Balance how much you talk about yourself or your point of view: do you listen more than (or at least as much as) you talk?
  • I have certain people who stick in my mind because they listen really well. When I talk to them I feel like they’re trying to understand. Their body language and the types of questions they ask give away the honest heart they have to understand what I’m saying.
  • How about a challenge today to begin listening to understand? What if everyone we talked to really felt like we were listening?

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