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Tuesday Rambling 3.22.16 – The Benefits of Sickness


Yes, sickness has benefits. Time to ramble:

  • I’m sick, so I don’t have much difficulty this morning stringing a few thoughts together about illness.
  • I don’t know many people who enjoy sickness.
  • But, sickness reminds us of our mortality.
  • If we had perfect physical bodies in a perfect world, sickness wouldn’t exist.
  • Sickness challenges me to trust God.
  • So often when I’m sick my first reaction is to take something rather than pray something.
  • I’m not left to handle sickness on my own, like somehow my relationship with God can continue once I’m better.
  • Especially bad sickness can make us acutely aware of the glory of eternity!
  • Sickness also requires patience – for waiting out a long illness, and for those in our lives who may seek to care for us.
  • Holy Spirit grant patience and understanding in our sickness!


  1. Lana Koehler says:

    This is so true, Kevin!

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