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Tuesday Rambling 2.4.14 – Super Bowl Thoughts, Influence, New Website

Just a few thoughts with some loose organization. Some call it rambling:


  • Are we trying to influence in ways that shine the light on us rather than on God?
  • Are we trying to build influence without responding to God’s Word? Josiah didn’t.
  • Do we think influence will always end up with a storybook ending? Josiah’s influence didn’t. He simply obeyed.
  • I’m really challenged by the gritty obedience Josiah displayed. Check out his story in I Kings 22-23 for a great example of living for God.

New Website

  • We put a bunch of work into making a new website for our church. Our youth director Josh and one of our deacons (Mark) did most of the heavy lifting, but we are thrilled it’s live.
  • Check it out at

Super Bowl

  • What an awful game. At least it’s been a while since there’s been one that bad.
  • What really bothered me was that it looked like the Broncos quit. Seattle was good, but it really did appear the Broncos played without much punch.

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