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Tuesday Rambling 12.3.13

As usual, a collection of random thoughts for Tuesday.

Glory of God

  • The glory of God is not contained in the thoughts of humans – it’s communicated through His Word.
  • We can NEVER drink in enough of God’s glory. In the best and worst of times, believers can bring God more and more glory and let His glory shine.
  • Christ is the ultimate example of glorifying God through ALL circumstances.


  • I really enjoyed eating breakfast with friends this morning.
  • I am glad there are Jesus loving men who lead youth ministries across the Akron and Summit County area. I praise God for their commitment and stability.


  • One quick thought about leadership: it’s not easy.
  • Another thought: everything you say and every decision you make can be criticized by someone at all times.
  • Essential to the process is effective communication. Satan is very good at destroying things by confusing leaders’ communication with people and vice versa.


  • In 20 years, our children will see highlights of the past Saturday of college football.  It was a day for the ages.
  • If Ohio State wins Saturday, there is NO QUESTION they should play for the national championship.  That’s the way the current system is set up – you win your games in a major conference and go undefeated, you play for the title.  Next year it will be different.
  • A few weeks ago I was justifying my thoughts that the Browns were a playoff team.  Now I’m having a hard time seeing how they win another game.


“A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.” – Charles Spurgeon

Have a great Tuesday everyone!

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