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Tuesday Rambling 12.17.13 – Christmas Is A Great Time For . . .

It’s Tuesday. Rambling it is.


  • Christmas is a great time to encourage people.
  • Difficult issues in people’s lives are magnified by holiday times that appear on T.V. and the movies like they’re supposed to be the greatest.
  • Domestic violence, alcohol use, and other negative factors all increase during the holidays.
  • So, love someone. Encourage someone. Give someone an opportunity for fellowship. If you make intentional decisions to brighten and encourage others during this season, it might be better than any gift money can buy.


  • This season has been challenging, but we are learning and adapting.  We have to plan our time out very well and be intentional to do the things we should be doing.
  • This is really true of anything, but family is such a precious asset.  Why wouldn’t you plan ahead to make the most of your family opportunities and relationships?
  • I’m sure some would like me to be at everything all the time, but it’s just not going to happen. My family will know that I love them – period.


  • One of the things people have to decide when relating to Jesus is this: is there any standard by which life works? If we make up our own standard, then we’re accountable to that.
  • If someone else makes up the standard, we’re accountable to that.
  • I have found no reason to NOT take Jesus’ standard: “I am the way and the truth and the life.” This truth is found in John 14:6. I would stop following Jesus tomorrow if I found a reason to believe He wasn’t true.  Not likely.

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