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Tuesday Rambling 11.25.14 – The Shock of Ferguson

I’m shocked to awake to the pictures. But then again, I’m not. Here are a few rambling thoughts.

  • The decision was made on legal terms with clear and extensive reasoning. Some will never agree.
  • The response is about issues which are far greater than a grand jury’s decision.
  • Despite calls for peace, even from the victim’s family, some are still bent on violence. Satan loves disunity and destruction.
  • I’d encourage you to read a disagreeing opinion today on the events.
  • This can be a time for growth rather than further entrenching ourselves in our “camp”.
  • Creating a unified culture is not someone else’s job.
  • Think: what is the balance between processing emotion and reacting out of it? How can both be done in a healthy way?
  • Join me in praying for spiritual leadership in Ferguson and the surrounding areas. I heard one report that pastors were blocking a building protestors wanted to set on fire.
  • Why on earth did they announce this at 9:00 at night? There is no way to justify this move from a law enforcement perspective whose primary concern should be the safety of citizens.
  • In all of this, a young man is dead. His name is Michael Brown. He was created uniquely by God.
  • The loss of a young man is something we should all mourn. His family and friends hurt every day, not just when they’re in the news.
  • Losing sight of the loss of a human life in the conversation is misguided and un-compassionate.

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