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Tuesday Rambling 11.18.14 – Car Repairs, Giveaway, Discipline

Tuesday. You’re in store for a bit of rambling. Don’t expect anything cohesive. I know, you probably don’t.

Car repairs

Car repairs remind me of my body.

Nothing in this life will last forever.

With so many parts on cars and more repairs the longer you own them, the reality stares you in the face regularly.

I am glad I will spend eternity in heaven. I’m glad there won’t be any car repairs there either!


The blog giveaway process is a real highlight.

Do you think it’s fun to give?

A good part of the giveaway for me is gathering a bit of feedback about the blog.

I enjoy getting some insight about how to improve the blog.

Julie and I also like to bless the winner with something useful. We try to give out of what God has given to us.


Our Sunday night has focused on godly training.

You can’t show up and run a marathon with no training.

Similarly, you can’t be effective living for Jesus over the long haul without discipline.

Discipline calls for awareness, honesty, and intentionality. Question: are you disciplined for long term success following Jesus?

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