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Tuesday Rambling 11.17.15 – Don’t Pray for France?


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Tuesday Rambling

Maybe you’ve heard about the French cartoonist’s response to the “pray for France” hashtag. The suggestion (via cartoon) suggested NOT praying for France.

Here’s a quick piece from that will show this.

It’s Tuesday – time for some rambling.

  • A friend of a friend is a missionary in France. It would do us well to understand that France, and much of Europe, is a God-less place.
  • I caught a discussion about this cartoon on the WCRF morning show yesterday. This idea of Europe’s godlessness should make us think. Here’s a quote from the above article, showing the cartoonist’s sentiment:
  • “Our faith goes to music! Kisses! Life! Champagne and Joy! #Parissaboutlife.”
  • Wow. Do you react with sadness? I sure did.
  • This represents a public statement of what goes on in the heart of one rebellious toward or ignorant of God. We trust in this life.
  • When people pray in tragedy, to me it reflects Ecclesiastes 3:11 which states God has planted eternity in our hearts.
  • Last night on NBC’s The Voice, a favorite to win the competition sang the hymn “Great Is Thy Faithfulness”.  Judge Blake Shelton seemed obviously moved, even mentioning how meaningful the song was in the wake of the attacks last Friday. Eternity is in our hearts.
  • But decades of mostly willful ignorance of God will certainly squelch our sensitivity to God’s truth.
  • Would we say #Americaisaboutlife?
  • Perhaps we wouldn’t say it publicly, but we should struggle privately whether we have similar sentiments. What is life about? Is Jesus really the center of our life?
  • Let’s pray for France, and pray for the world. Let’s pray that life, death, sin, heaven, and hell would be realities we’re all willing to acknowledge and struggle through in response to our Creator.
  • Let’s live the abundant life of John 10:10: The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.


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