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Tuesday Rambling 11.15.16 – 10 Personal Statements About The Election


Time to ramble. These ten statements reflect some personal feelings and responses to the election of Donald Trump.

  • I cannot look my daughter in the eye and tell her I am glad Trump won.
  • The way he ran his campaign makes it very hard to really believe anything he says he will do now. Wait and see, I guess.
  • I am committed to praying for him. I would say the same for any candidate.
  • I am working to understand the way believers of different races and backgrounds feel about this election. Some differences exist and I need help understanding those differences.
  • I wish the protests would stop. They make us look bad as a nation and run the risk of setting really unhealthy precedents.
  • Lumping people into broad categories for the way they voted in this election displays a lack of discernment. It seems to me people voted based on narrow interests in this election rather than due to broad influences or platforms.
  • We should always question polls.
  • We should always question media outlets (even our favorite ones).
  • If you have ruined a family or other close relationship over this election, I urge you to pursue reconciliation as soon as possible. Translated: it’s not worth it!
  • I hope we use social media less in the future as a tool for broader discussion. Personally, I witnessed very little helpful exchange on social media.


  1. Are you equally unhappy with the way Hillary ran her campaign? Frankly, I don’t think either party put out their best candidate. I also think her stance on abortion was one of the issues that hurt her. But being a Christian, I will continue to pray for both of them, especially Donald Trump who will be leading this country.

    • Ken – The jist of this post had to do with the winner, not who didn’t win. I’d say this to clarify: if she won, I’d have less questions about what she would have done than I do with Mr. Trump. Yes, we should continue to pray for Mr. Trump and all our elected officials. Thanks for chiming in!

  2. Dianne Couts says:

    Thanks, Kevin. I have not lost any friends or family members over this election, but it has not been easy to be quiet! I’m very thankful that “wait and see” is something the Lord has often told his people. This, coupled with His promise to never leave us or forsake us, gives me hope and peace.

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