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Tuesday Rambling 10.3.17 – Questions for Marriage


Just a few random questions that may help regarding marriage:

  • If you’re not married, how much of your identity is tied to the concept of being married?
  • In your marriage, do you have a good sense of when the right times are to talk about certain topics? Or, better, when the wrong times are?
  • How often do you evaluate communication, teamwork, parenting, family, or personal patterns? Many times we can do things or communicate in unhealthy patterns without noticing. Taking time together can help make us aware of those potential problems before they devolve into bigger ones.
  • How does your faith in Jesus Christ help your marriage?
  • When you tell your spouse “I love you”, what does it really mean? Does it depend on the setting?
  • Do you tend to focus more on what you want or on how you can serve?

I don’t write any of these as one who has it figured out. But, I know I must think in different ways or I too easily default to the natural mode of self-seeking. I hope this helps!

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