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Tuesday Rambling 10.25.16 – About Respecting Women


Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday, ramble, ramble, ramble…

  • I made a post on Facebook yesterday that read like this: If we’re going to be upset about violence/crudeness toward women, we should be just as upset when they are reduced to objects for profit.
  • Yes, a bit of a dichotomy exists. Some women agree to objectification.
  • Some willingly allow photos, images, dancing, even entire brands revolving around entertainment as profit seeking/making avenues.
  • I’d like to consider objectification, however, on the same plane as assault or Trump-like crudeness.
  • Let me clarify: some modeling can be done with taste.
  • But, I’m no more a fan of allowing my son to watch Beyonce at half time of the Super Bowl than I am allowing him to listen to Trump’s crude comments.
  • Put another way, you can’t condemn Trump while on your way to a hard core rap concert.
  • Women allowing themselves or their God-given beauty to fuel profit or outright lust helps no one.
  • Many teen girls actually struggle with their identity because they don’t physically compare to women choosing to flaunt their bodies for profit.
  • Many young men confronted (constantly) with images of beautiful women develop lust and fantasy tendencies which can devolve to a crude mindset toward women, stated or not. This does not even consider many men who struggle in marriages having developed a distorted and unrealistic view of the female body.
  • Some stats will even tell you less younger people have sex because for them, porn fits the bill. (This is NOT an empty statement.)
  • And of course, some objectified women live in gray areas of abuse, control, or suffer through the outright darkness of trafficking and pornography.
  • In sum, let’s realize what beautiful, respect-worthy, creations God gives through women and increase that respect in every way.  And, when we shout condemnation at someone, let’s make sure we look at the whole issue!

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