Challenging believers in Jesus to think and act based on Bible truth.

Tuesday Rambling 1.30.18 – In Christ Alone

Rambling today about my favorite topic: Christ

  • How do you think God brings about forgiveness?
  • How do you think you can get into heaven when you die?
  • Do you acknowledge a separation between man and God?
  • How do propose to heal the separation between man and God?
  • Do you desire a relationship with God?
  • Varying answers to these questions exist.
  • Many think their works can bring them to God.
  • Many think their standing compared to others will bring favor in God’s eyes.
  • A couple challenges:
  • 1) If we really believe sin causes an irreparable separation from God, then something must fix it.
  • 2) Can the sinful, offending parties make the perfect sacrifice required to atone for sin?
  • By now I hope you see the necessity for someone else, someone perfect.
  • Christ alone makes the sacrifice.
  • Christ, God in the flesh, alone can make the perfect sacrifice required to satisfy the wrath of God.
  • If you believe another system, another way, I urge you to leave it behind and trust in Christ alone for your forgiveness and the hope of eternal life.
  • If you believe Jesus, worship Him today and don’t fall for the lie that some other way will do!

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