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Tuesday Rambling 1.28.14 – Snow Days, the Super Bowl, the Economy.

A few topics and a few thoughts. Welcome to Tuesday rambling.

Snow Days

  • I guess I’m at a loss for why some parents seem so upset about the snow days. Does it mean extra effort to find care for them, or extra time when they’re at home?
  • Well, yes. I was unaware caring for kids when things came up would be such a surprise.
  • Maybe extra time with your kids could be a good thing?
  • I understand the frustration as I like routine as much as anyone, but we have to flexible and our kids (or school administrators making tough decisions) shouldn’t be a scapegoat for interfering with our plans.

Super Bowl

  • I really am rooting for a good game. I’d be fine with either team winning.
  • No, I don’t hate Richard Sherman. He’s an example of what’s wrong with our culture – how we like to zero in on someone’s mistake. The headlines were much bigger for what he did than for when he apologized.
  • Are there any spiritual lessons that can be taught regarding the Super Bowl?
  • Prediction: Denver 28, Seattle 26


  • I randomly heard this thought on the radio. America needs more job creators than job seekers.
  • What would it take for average people to come together and create a couple of jobs?
  • Is thinking up an idea or pooling financial resource to employ someone else a way of loving your neighbor?
  • I really don’t have any plans here. I’m just thinking out loud. Maybe it will make you think too.

Sermon Quote:

  • I preached last Sunday on Psalm 51. It’s a great Psalm and it shows us much about God’s character.
  • As part of the sermon I challenged the Christian’s response to repentance. What I mean is this: when we see someone responding to God working, turning away from sin and repenting, what is our reaction?
  • The summary God laid on my heart went something like this: “Repenting of sin before God doesn’t show there’s something wrong with you. It means there’s something right with you.”

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