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Tuesday Rambling 1.27.16 – How Feelings Fail

Emotions are good. God gives them to us. Often, though, they can play too large of a role.

Time to ramble about how emotions can fail us:

– Just because something feels right doesn’t mean it’s what we should do.

– Excitement in general can lead us to bad decisions. Just because we are excited doesn’t mean God approves.

– In Scripture we generally don’t see people determining God’s will by their emotional state.

– Example: having excitement over a ministry opportunity may lead someone to over-extend themselves, taxing their personal resources of time and/or money.

– Over-excitement or being down about something can unintentionally steal the spotlight from God.

– Just because someone is depressed, it doesn’t mean that they are unspiritual.

– However, lamenting or grieving without truth and hope can lead someone to selfishness or extended struggle.

– Not “feeling like it” can breed inconsistency and undependability.

– What else would you add to this list?

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