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Tuesday Rambling 1.27.15 – TOTAL rambling


No structure, no order, just a bunch of “I think’s”…

  • I think potential leaders should have proven track records – as servants.
  • I think the Cavs made the right moves to adjust the roster mid-season.
  • I think people should be given reasonable time to grow into roles they’re hired to do.
  • I think the calling of a pastor is a total blast. Sure the hours are irregular but the sense of adventure really fits me well.
  • I think people should evaluate more often whether they’re passionate about something or just going through the motions.
  • I think everyone should have senior citizens in their list of regular contacts.
  • After putting faith in Jesus Christ, I think committing to functioning as a member of a local church is one of the greatest things anyone can do.
  • I think petty family disagreements keep people from enjoying the relationships God has for us.
  • I think it is really hard for Christians without a poverty background to understand those who live in it.

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