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Tuesday Rambling 1.24.17 – Spiritual Growth Challenges

Tuesday Rambling: things that challenge our spiritual growth.

  • How we handle the high points. Do we take too much credit?
  • How we handle the low points. Do we repent and restore fellowship with God when we sin or do we simply soldier through to the next opportunity?
  • Do we focus on making disciples? Does someone wake up this morning and say __your name here__ is discipling me?
  • Many other great things can fill our time. Jesus called us to make disciples.
  • Who knows or is hearing the gospel as a result of knowing you?
  • What strategy do you employ when weakness or temptation strikes? Do you have verses or truth you speak to Satan in the midst of his attacks? See Matthew 4:1-10 for reference.
  • How would God say your relationship stands based on how much He hears from you? How well does He know the struggles and successes, concerns and worries which affect your life?
  • No one drifts to spiritual growth. If you find yourself drifting, it probably means drifting (however slowly) away from God.
  • What intentional action steps can you take, today, to draw closer to Jesus?

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