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Think and Act 6.17.15 – Akron Politics


Wow. This is quite a time for our city of Akron.

Our family has called Akron home for over 16 years now. That seems crazy.

What’s crazier? The state of Akron politics. In the course of just over a week, three different men have served as mayor. Intrigue, scandal, divisiveness – sounds like congress conducting training courses for Akron’s city government.

As you might expect, reactions vary depending on who you talk to.

Tonight, I’ve put together some thoughts to help believers think and act in response to all the turmoil.

1. Pray.

Well, duh. Suggesting prayer in the middle of turmoil is like suggesting the Cavs should have won.

But prayer is obedient (I Tim. 2:2). Prayer supports, upholds, and seeks. Prayer appeals to the ultimate authority.

Telling your councilman or someone you know in authority of your prayers for them can serve as both a good reminder and great encouragement.

2. Consider silence.

Perhaps Ecclesiastes has good wisdom here. Is going on about the past really going to help the city move forward? Griping may feel productive at the time. Lashing out at a politician or writing a critical letter to the editor give your voice public ears.

But Ecclesiastes 3:7b has something to consider:

“a time to keep silence, and a time to speak”

There is a time to keep silent. There is a time to speak. If we must speak, refer to #1. If we must speak, offer encouragement and passion for the betterment of our city (see #4 below).

3. Avoid gossip. 

Upset at the sins and confusion of our mayors? Sure, we all are. What will gossiping about the situations do? Both men need Jesus’ forgiveness.

Would it ever enter our conversations that we pray for their repentance and joy at finding the Savior’s forgiveness?

If not, gossip likely has a foothold. Talking about these public sins may make us feel better than the individuals involved, but we must realize the lie that really is.

Love “hopes all things” (I Corinthians 13:7). Certainly, a love for our city at this point must lead to a hope that those in charge can unite to right the ship and a belief that things can improve.

4. Participate in the election process and demonstrate your desire for the best leaders to represent our city going forward.

I agree with new council president and ninth ward representative Mike Freeman that human nature is on full display, with angst and uncertainty taking center stage. With all 13 council seats and the mayor’s office up for election this year, how could leaders and the city not flirt with anxiety?

So, combine scandal with an unprecedented election and you get some unrest. Surely we can understand that.

With that then comes the encouragement to participate with great respect and vote for the best candidates moving forward. Combine suggestion #1 and you are on to something!

Personally, I am praying for the future of our city. It is a tumultuous time, but also a time of great opportunity. God, be glorified in this great city’s future!

Think. Is it easy for you to attack public figures who have fallen into scandal and dysfunction? Why?

Act. Use the suggestions here or add your own. Be an agent for prayer for healthy change, civility, and the well being of our city.

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