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Think and Act 4.8.15 – Praying Against Drugs


The churning in my heart has grown. Drug related deaths persist in the community where I live, across the city, and beyond. I’m tired of watching first hand as people I care about suffer the strangle-hold drugs can have on daily existence.

So why a piece on praying against drugs? Isn’t it obvious we should pray against them?

Well, I write “Think and Act” columns to process my own thoughts and challenge yours. Below engage in some of my thinking as I pray against this epidemic (I don’t use the word lightly). Perhaps prayer will stir to effective action.

1. I don’t know what to do.

That’s not a fun sentence to write. I like to know what to do. Especially when we don’t understand, we should pray. I pray that God could reveal to someone, anyone, what to do. 

My thought and prayer about what to do will come into sharper focus. But, I’m praying about what to do because I believe if there is one thing the majority of society in Akron and greater Summit County would unite around right now, it’s fighting heroin. A high percentage of people know at least someone affected by drug use, if not someone affected by death due to drug use.

God, grant wisdom. I’m not the only one who feels helpless. Hear our desperate prayers.

2. Point #1 doesn’t mean I don’t think anything is being done. Pray for those in authority.

I am truly praying the I Timothy 2:2 prayer for all those in authority. It is easy to complain that “nothing is being done.” That’s an easy prayer when the average day goes by and little changes, lives still affected.

I am confident authorities have more than adequate knowledge of the problem. I am praying for the burden of elected and law enforcement officials to protect citizens to grow to restlessness as they seek ways to curb the trafficking of drugs.

3. Pray for awareness of the effects of drugs.

I’m praying our communities will understand the effects of the drug industry – that it is far from an individual problem. I’m certain I don’t understand the full effects, but here’s a brief list of things that cross my mind as I pray:

  • the cost of time in those who deal with the problem in any way, shape or form.
  • the cost in money of those working to provide medical, emotional, psychological and other forms of counseling and support to those affected.
  • the frayed trust of those who’ve been victimized by those seeking money for drugs.
  • the emotional drain of addicts, family, friends, and support givers which weakens their effectiveness in other relationships and necessary functionality such as jobs and volunteer posts.
  • the ongoing effects of grief upon friends, family, and communities who have lost valuable people to this nastiness.

Pray that our resources can be maximized as fewer lives come under the influence of these drugs.

4. Pray for those who serve traumatized victims.

I am heart broken for medical workers, fellow pastors, first responders, and funeral home operators who deal with this on an ongoing basis. Real human beings work to treat addicts, care for the dead, and serve families stricken by the shock of trauma. Those human beings certainly agreed to take on their respective positions, but it doesn’t mean it’s easy.

5. Pray for demand to dry and for perpetrators to get justice.

This is a two headed monster. For demand to dry, people need to seek help and quit using. I pray specifically that satisfaction in Jesus will increase! I pray God awakens those using to His truth and I pray this type of awakening to God prevents desperation from leading to drugs.

I also pray for perpetrators to receive justice. Making money at the expense of humans happens in many forms in society. This disgusts my soul and I pray for them to make stupid decisions which leads to their capture, arrest, and weakening of the pipeline of drugs into our society. Or, I pray God will take them out. Finally, I also pray for and encourage you to pray for their conversion to Jesus.

Think. How are your prayers shaped by widespread societal problems? Is it easy to feel overwhelmed and give up?

Act. PRAY! Reach out to an addict. Start or provide encouragement to a support group. Call and encourage a funeral home worker. Take your EMT’s cookies or buy them dinner and thank them for doing their job. Reach out to government officials and encourage them to keep working hard to make our communities safe from these drugs.

I know the average citizen feels helpless, but our prayer can lead to effective action. I’d be glad to hear other insights and suggestions.

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