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Think and Act 3.25.15 – Selfishness Part 2: The ANTI-selfishness


So last week I outlined ten ways I can get selfish.

This week, part two. I could list many thing for anti-selfishness. Tonight, I want to focus on one:

Praise God for the opposite of your selfishness.

Here are a couple examples:

  • I praised God today that I didn’t get cut off at a yield that I frequent. I tend to get upset when drivers cut me off so I praised God when it didn’t happen!
  • I praise God that I got in and out of the store yesterday in a time frame that fit my schedule.
  • I’ve been trying to recognize the days the kids do pretty well overall and give thanks (notice I’m not saying perfect days exist).

See, if you’re like me at all, it’s much easier to notice when things DON’T go right than when they do. So…for me a key anti-selfishness tool is praising God for things that go right. The more I do that the less the times it goes wrong stand out.

It’s as simple as this: the more God is the center of my thinking, the less I get stressed by the little things. I hope this challenge to my thinking and approach serves as a helpful challenge to yours.

Think. What insignificant things frustrate you? How can you praise God for the opposite?

Act. Praising God and centering your mind on Him is an anti-selfishness tool any believer can use at any time!

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