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Think and Act 12.20.13 – Two Questions About Duck Dynasty

I have never watched an episode of Duck Dynasty, so I’m not interested in the show itself. I’m interested in how Christians respond to cultural events. There are lots of responses to this fiasco on the internet. Maybe I don’t have anything to add. If nothing else, I encourage you to do some reading if you don’t like or don’t agree with what’s here.

Here are two questions that are standing out to me:

1. Do we realize this is about our entertainment?

Phil Robertson is a T.V. show character. He is on a show that is making his family and A&E rich. Do we realize this is about A&E’s pocketbook more than it is about Phil’s right to say what he wants to say? A&E has strong alliances with LGBT supporters, and needless to say Phil’s recent comments went over with them like a pregnant pole vaulter.

So A&E did what it had to do. If the show ends, I’m sure another network will pick it up. It’s about money. Sounds like a great show with great values, but money speaks louder than that. Ultimately, Christians are riled up because of an entertainment figure and his right to say what he wants to say. Seems to me we should be just as riled up about injustices throughout the world such as persecution, modern day slavery, poverty, etc.

This leads me to my second question:

2. Why aren’t we consistently loud about Jesus?

We Christians are finicky.  The one thing we’re told to rally around is something the thing we have to be encouraged the most to do. That’s Jesus. That’s honoring His command to make disciples. We’d rather be galvanized by the recent scandal, what this mega-church is teaching, people taking Christ out of Christmas, or a character like Phil Robertson. Each of these things might have their importance, but in a lot of ways aren’t they just distractions?

We should be this unified around our Savior, who was born into this world, proclaimed the coming of the Kingdom of God through miracles, signs, and wonders, and pointed people to repentance of sin and faith in Him. He died on a cross, was buried in a tomb, and rose from the dead. These truths should never bore us or fail us. They are sufficient for constant, passionate, fulfilling, persevering service to Jesus, the ultimate servant.

Why does it take a public thing to make us loud about the Bible? Shouldn’t we be loud about Jesus all the time if we’re really this passionate about following Him? Would we rather the LGBT supporters of A&E be crushed politically and allow the show to return to the air? Or, would we rather they repent in genuine faith and surrender their lives in service to Jesus, flooding the meetings of our churches and stepping on the edges of our comfort zones?

I hope the Duck Dynasty show stays on the air and I hope this move backfires on A&E. I also hope believers not prepared to truly trust Christ in discussions about this would consider shutting their mouths and praying before sounding like the unloving jerks the media loves to say we are. In the meantime . . .

Think. If you’re upset about this, why?

Act. Are you prepared to be loving in the way you are supporting this T.V. show? I hope so.


  1. Scott J Golomboski says:

    Actually Phil Robertson was rich long before his Family started on the show. He built a highly successful Duck call business from his basement. Phil was an abusive alcoholic before he came to know Jesus a his Lord and Savior. Also Duck Dynasty although silly with their redneck antics. Is the only show on secular TV were the cast is not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is the only show that has some Family values that has gone long by the wayside in our culture. And the end of each show has the entire family having a meal together while the pray and give thanks to Christ for all he has done. The biggest issue I have with this is that he is being punished for speaking about what he was asked too. And Since someone didn’t like his answer he is now the bad guy.

    • KevinBurkholder says:

      Scott thanks for the clarifiers and background. Very helpful. The main issue to me is the response of Christians – if it took a T.V. show being taken away for believers to understand there’s a culture war, then we’re way too far behind (at least a decade!). We should focus on being loving in response and consistent in our living. I prefer a Gospel focus to a culture war any day!

  2. Nathanial Poling says:

    I think you totally missed the point of most of the outrage. We live in America where we value the 1st amendment and people should be able to state their opinions and especially their religious beliefs. Most Christians are asleep at the wheel and don’t see the culture war being waged against them front many fronts. Atheists are actively and successfully throwing anything Christian out of our schools and curriculum. Some radical homosexual groups like GLAAD are fighting to openly suppress free speech against their lifestyles. There are times when Christians need to stand up and be counted. Phil said nothing that warranted a suspension, the baker in California does not deserve jail time for refusing to bake a wedding cake for a gay marriage and do we really need to throw out every Christmas decoration with Jesus involved that used to be on our public buildings?

    • KevinBurkholder says:

      I am glad for your comments. I do truly understand that free speech is at the center of this outrage. The culture war is a common theme on my blog, especially the articles I link to. I am a proud American, grateful for the sacrifice of many for my political rights and freedoms. My concern, however, is that many Christians don’t have a voice for Jesus or have organized efforts to glorify Him on a regular basis. It seems many are content in their Christianity to simply respond to whatever it seems is being taken away. Jesus had every civil and human right taken away from Him in His trail and crucifixion, and the kingdom of God flourished. I love the freedoms I have and I’m willing to raise my voice for those freedoms. But freedom of speech is not a requirement for the advancement of the kingdom of God, and Christians should be aware that if our freedoms were one day removed, our mission will still be vital. I’m hoping our freedoms remain and praying our missions flourishes!

      • Nathanial Poling says:

        I agree, if only Christians made this kind of concerted effort against the murder of the unborn. I have read a lot of people downplaying Christians for taking a stand or being hateful against gays because they believe Phil should be able to speak his opinion.

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