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Think and Act 12.16.15 – A Faith of Memes and Soundbites


Look, I’m not opposed to Facebook, Twitter, memes, or quotes. I’m opposed to the shallow faith that can result when we fail to expose ourselves to a deeper walk of faith.

Do cute memes exist? Do they ever! I laugh at a lot of them. Some even help spiritually.

Have you ever gotten a good soundbite about a spiritual truth that really helped you? I have too.

Memes and soundbites can help speak short bursts of spiritual truth into our lives. Another example that comes racing to mind includes some of the sermon bits you hear on Air 1 or K Love. I enjoy them in the moment but would fail to

Sooo…what’s the problem? Well, I’m glad you asked.

1. Soundbites can’t provide depth.

Relying on a soundbite for spiritual depth is like trying to become a Bible scholar through a daily calendar verse. Diving into the history, storyline, and purpose of the Bible takes time and effort. But knowing God won’t come without sacrifice. A meme won’t last you through a season of fierce trial or temptation.

2. Spiritual truth isn’t always cute.

A faith conditioned to fit into cute memes or tweets sells the Gospel short. The death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus strike at the mess of humanity and the uttermost glory of God. Sin, destruction, judgment, redemption, hell, and forgiveness complicate life and require struggle and effort to understand.

A challenge: 

3. Let temporary stay temporary.

Put the temporary things in their place. I wouldn’t tell anyone to reject what can help in the short term. But call it for what it is: temporary help or encouragement. Lots of quotes or soundbites help us – for the day or maybe even in a season.

4. Plan for the long term.

If you’ve never read through the whole Bible, 2016 is right around the corner. Find a yearly read through the Bible plan and stick to it! Check out a great resource such as 30 Days to Understanding the Bible by Max Anders or Clarifying the Bible video curriculum. Both of these resources can be had for cheap. If you know me personally I’d be glad to let you borrow either.

Think. How much do one liners shape the way you relate to God? Do they take the place of regular study?

Act. Adjusting your priorities to take in larger chunks and deeper understanding of God’s Word will never disappoint.

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