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Think and Act 12.10.14 – Veggie Tales vs. The Football Game


The Story

Last Sunday I went for a run at the end of the first half of the Browns game. It was about a 35 minute run and so when I got back the third quarter was on . . .

. . .or so I thought. I came back in, and the women in my house (who are less interested in football) had a Veggie Tales show on via Netflix.

Maybe you’ll be interested to know what went through my head at that point:

  • Aren’t Veggie Tales on any time during the week?
  • Don’t you know the Browns are only on one time a week?
  • How do I handle this diplomatically when I just preached about peace a few hours ago?

The Result

I’m not writing about this because it’s a great story. I’m writing this because I hope you’re able to use it as a springboard to learn about yourself. How I responded helped me learn about myself. Here’s what unfolded next:

I decided to grab my cell phone and check the score. It was 21-7 Browns at that point. I had plenty of time to grab a shower and get cooled down before I turned the game back on. And by the time I did? Veggie Tales was over and there was no issue turning the Browns game back on (like I really needed to see that ending anyway).

The Lesson

Find ways to stop yourself from reacting in the flesh. It takes quick thinking about possible alternatives, but those alternatives can avoid hurt feelings when you say things without thinking.

Think. Are there situations you can control by the way you react? Know your weaknesses and what might lead to poor communication.

Act. Approach difficult situations with a view for several outcomes rather than just one (especially the one where you get your way).


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