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Think and Act 10.14.15 – Christian Missionaries Raped and Crucified


I don’t know how you react when you read headlines like this. I don’t like typing it anymore than you like reading it. But it happens.

Check out this story from the ACLJ website to get better informed.

Maybe this type of stuff is news to you. Maybe it isn’t.

I write these articles to challenge thinking. I write these articles to challenge action.

When we read headlines and articles describing such atrocities, how should we respond?

1. We should let these stories affect us.

How else will we care? How else will God stir our souls to try to identify?

If denial or “that’s so far away I don’t have to care” mentality tend to come first for us, then start by simply allowing reality to set in. Fellow believers, missionaries, have met horrific endings to this earthly life. Muslim extremists have perpetrated this.

Weep. Grieve. The body of Christ worldwide is family. And family suffer death as others, forced to watch, look on helplessly.

Do you need to face reality?

2. We should let the responses encourage us.

Encouragement? From this? Kevin, are you sick?

No. I’m not. Follow my thinking.

If you didn’t read the article, you’d see that those women, while enduring public rape at the hands of their captors, sang and prayed.

Exactly how, as a believer in Jesus Christ, am I NOT supposed to take encouragement from this?

Many would describe this type of experience as the “ultimate test” of one’s faith in Jesus. When pressed to recant or endure something like this, these women, by the power of God, encourage those watching with a heavenly display of peace.

3. We should let these stories move us.

I am unaware of anyone sending Christian missionaries directly to witness to this category of extremist.

So, what do I mean by “move”?

These stories should inspire action.

How often do we regularly pray for the persecuted church? Pray against terrorists?

How often do we consider giving money to organizations aiding those fleeing terror, or pressing governments to defeat them?

If these stories affect us and encourage us, then let them move us as well.

Think. When you read the headline, what FIRST came to mind? Why? Think through it.

Act. Engage in these situations that seem far away. Ask God to lead you to meaningful action. Even if the first step is caring.

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