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Think and Act 1.14.15 – Relieving the Stress of Parenting


I’ll confess – parenting stresses me out. Not all the time, but does a parent exist anywhere who doesn’t experience stress?

Let me suggest four basic, Biblical ideas/reminders to help relieve that stress:

1. Remember: It’s not your child.

As believers, we must remember our children don’t really belong to us. They belong to God. He created them. What does this mean for parents? God is way more qualified to absorb stress about our kids than us.

Remain in prayer that God would remind you as much as necessary of His authority over your kids!

2. Remember: It’s not a test of your ability.

The Biblical idea of parenting calls parents to rely not on their own ability. Rather, the Bible calls parents to rely on God’s plans and grace.

Nowhere do we see this better than in Abraham’s example. God called him to sacrifice his son Isaac (Genesis 22). Abraham presented himself as willing to obey, but key to the story is how he relied fully on God who provided every step of the way.

We should pray that God’s grace would fuel our obedience.

3. Remember: Focus on growing closer to God way more than you focus on appearing better than other parents.

Which would God rather have?

1. A parent with really rough skills who’s wholly devoted to God and reliant on Jesus’ blood to forgive them as they grow in life and parenting


2.  A parent with great skills and well behaved children who is self reliant and looks down on others who can’t parent as well as they do?

The results of the second parent appear better to the outside world. We are repeatedly warned in Scripture to examine the heart condition of any believer. The first parent described has a much better chance at being used to further God’s kingdom.

4. Have some fun.

I’m not sure the Bible actually says this, but I do believe we can see a picture of Heaven being an enjoyable place. The Bible portrays God as Father.

I don’t think having a little bit of fun is going to increase the stress level, is it?

Think. How much does stress show up in your parenting?

Act. Use these suggestions to focus on God first in your parenting. Do some further Biblical study to see how parents in the Bible realized God had control.

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