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Reflecting On Project Shine 2015

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Since almost a week has gone since Project Shine 2015 officially entered the history books, I thought I’d gather a few thoughts from the week. Participants – I’d love to hear what sticks out in your minds too!


I probably sound like a broken record in using this word to describe Project Shine each year, but “supernatural” truly fits the bill.

This year we watched a massive amount of rain (which had been predicted all day Wednesday to wipe out Thursday’s work day) slide just to the south of Akron for the morning hours, then only rain lightly Thursday afternoon. Amazing.

We saw God do things in the lives of teens and residents that only God could do. If we think we’re slick enough to make people feel blessed, open the eyes of teens to the realities of God, or call some into leadership, we are sorely mistaken.

The Body of Christ

Unity among believers made the list of Christ’s prayer requests during His final week on earth. Believers of one accord accomplish much.

I’ve seen this on previous foreign or out of town missions experiences, but seeing the Body come together marks a way I’ll definitely remember Project Shine 2015.

I met many new believers, and strengthened relationships with some I’ve only served with marginally. I’m always encouraged by new faces and new passion. Shine didn’t disappoint in this area this year.


I love to serve. I love it when others give their all to serve. I will remember Project Shine 2015 because of a united attitude to serve.

We had a younger group of teens this year than the average age of past years. That fact alone could have lowered our productivity regarding amount of service work done. But the projects we selected all reached completion, in large part due to the attitude of service.

Did we have some struggles motivating teens to work? Let’s not kid ourselves. Of course we did. But the lack of overall trouble with newer adults and that young of a group will stay with me for years to come.

Our Board

I have enjoyed working with our various planning groups every year. The personalities, strengths, weaknesses, and challenges vary to make each year unique. But one thing I’ll have to admit is this: I truly don’t get it. Why people would give so much time, energy, effort, and money into a relatively small ministry grips me and moves me.

This year we had several people involved in our board leadership who didn’t even know what Project Shine was 6-8 years ago. We had some individuals involved in the planning side of things as youth interns who were four years old or less when Project Shine began in 2002. What?!?!?!?!

This group of people truly amaze me and bless me – watching them use their gifts is truly a joy.

Well, that’s it for my reflections. For those who participated, what stands out to you?

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